Privacy Policy

Who we are

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Our platform creates unique and versatile content on several lifestyle and personal growth topics.

We have a cohesive community of participants, creators, and readers who enrich this virtual space with beautiful discussions and many different trends. To maintain this solidarity, our website often has to collect information from a personal and non-personal standpoint.

However, we place a great amount of importance on the protection of user data and its legal and consented use.

All the data users provide on this platform is done with their knowledge. We do not hold our team or ourselves responsible for products and advertisements that appeal to website visitors.

This is perhaps why our privacy policy is limited to these specific websites. We are not responsible or accountable for the different policies on other websites that can be reached through advertisements, product links, and searches from our platform.

We work hard to analyze user information, which helps us create more relevant content on this platform.

We request that users carefully go through the privacy policy of our website so that they can gain insight into how all processes related to user information are carried out.

After going through all the points mentioned here, if you need to connect to our team to resolve some queries, feel free to do so anytime, and we will reach back to you!

The privacy policy on this website is non-negotiable for non-personal data. However, if you wish to retract any personal information you provided us on this website in the past, please let us know, as you have the complete right to do so. Your wishes will be tended to immediately!

Our platform is dedicated to providing transparency regarding the privacy policy and its conditions.

The same policies exist for every user, though in some cases, minors have to provide guardian concerns before signing up for any workshop, tutorial, or related resource.

We are grateful for the opportunity to connect with all of you and get the right to reveal all our user-information-related processing to visitors at first glance.

If you do not agree with the privacy policy of this website, you reserve the right not to use it or browse its contents.

By agreeing to surf this website, you immediately agree to the existing privacy policies we will discuss in the sections below.

Collection of personal data

Personal data is any data uniquely related to your personality and identity and can be traced back to your individual being. Why do we insist on collecting personal data?

Personal data is often useful in developing our online community as it allows us to send emails, newsletters, rewards, and giveaways when applicable to our users.

It is important to note that no website has the capability or legal right to collect personal data without the informed consent and voluntary participation of the user providing the data themselves.

At the same time, this platform requests all participants and visitors and also expects that the information provided to us on your part will be legal and valid at all costs.

Our platform also does not own your information and has no right to pass your information to any other agency or company. We believe selling or passing information about our visitors is a moral and legal offense and would never engage in such behavior.

Non-personal data

Non-personal data is named so because it is collected in aggregates, and each user’s personal information or likes or dislikes is unavailable to the website.

We use non-personal data in bulk to identify consumer behavior patterns, make better choices, and create better content for this platform and the community’s mutual benefit and growth.

Data analysis through non-personal data does not affect any individual personally and is done carefully and ethically. We only use this information to identify trends, preferences, and the search intent of our users.

It cannot be used to track your financial information or direct any personalized advertisement toward you.


Our platform employs cookies registered on your computer’s hard drive so that you can be an identified visitor to our website.

Our website cannot function without cookies, as it loses track of traffic unless cookies are employed. Cookies are used to collect non-personal, aggregate data that our team can automatically compute and interpret.

It tracks web traffic and behavior patterns among users so that our community can take a turn for the better. This platform uses Google Analytics cookies to develop a coherent relationship with the visitors.

Changes to our privacy policy

Our platform reserves the right to make changes to its privacy policy for any mentioned or unmentioned reason. Users are requested to keep an eye on our privacy policy to be updated on any such changes, which will be mentioned here.